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Seeed Biomedical Sensors Selection Guide

We have released various types of Biomedical sensors in the recent years. You may find it difficult to make a choice between them. We feel your pain and let's take a close look at them and workout which one is best suited for you!

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What is a biomedical sensor

The biomedical sensor is a part of the sensor in the field of calibrated biomedicine, and is a conversion device that converts the physiological information of the human body into electrical information having a certain functional relationship therewith. The information it picks up is the physiological information of the human body, and its output is often expressed in electrical signals.

Figure 1. Applications of biomedical sensors


Category of SensorsPrinciples
GSRGSR sensors help us measure sweat gland activity related to emotional agitation. We use the electrical properties of the skin to measure GSR. In other words, the skin resistance changes with sweat gland activity, which is, sweat gland activity occurs, the more sweating, the smaller the skin resistance.
EMGEMG detector is a bridge connects human body and electrical, the sensor gathers small muscle signal then process with 2th amplify and filter, the output signal can be recognized by Arduino.
Heart RateThe heart rate sensor uses optical technology to detect the amount of blood oxygen in the subcutaneous capillaries to detect the corresponding human heart rate, so that the module can easily and conveniently measure the heart rate. The heart rate sensor uses optical technology to detect the heart rate of the human body through changes in the amount of blood oxygen in the subcutaneous capillaries. Heart rate detection can be widely used in scenarios such as wearable devices and fitness auxiliary equipment.
FingerprintA fingerprint sensor is a sensing device, which belongs to an optical fingerprint sensor and a semiconductor fingerprint sensor, and is a key device for automatic fingerprint collection.

Field of Applicaitons

There are a numerous use of these health-related sensors. Particularly, using these kinds of sensors, human beings can be monitored and saved from potential dangers. Hence the biomedical sensors play important roles in various sectors, which include industry, medical, social applications, and domestic applications for monitoring body feature of people.

Field of applicationFunctionExamples of detected sensors
HospitalMonitoring heart rate of patients in avoidance of being in danger and give advice for health.Heart rate, EMG, GSR
GymSupervising the heart rate of people who are doing exercises for fitness and body health advice.Heart rate, EMG, GSR
Asylum for lunaticMonitoring heart rate, emotional behaviours and body health.Heart rate, EMG, GSR
Indoor Entrance ( Bank, government, firm, private land and etc. )Providing stable methods for security.Fingerprint
LaboratoryGathering and analyzing experimental data to offer helpful advice for humanbeings and social development.Heart rate, EMG, GSR

Seeed Biomedical Sensors

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NameThumbnailOperate voltageInput interfaceClick to buy
Grove - Fingerprint Sensor3.6V-6VTTL SerialBuy Now
Grove - Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner/Sensor3.3V-5V/Buy Now
Grove - Ear-clip Heart Rate Sensor3V-5.25VTTL SerialBuy Now
Grove - Chest Strap Heart Rate Sensor3V-5.5VTTL SerialBuy Now
Grove - Finger-clip Heart Rate Sensor5VI2CBuy Now
Grove - Finger-clip Heart Rate Sensor with shell5VI2CBuy Now
Grove - GSR sensor3.3-5VAnalogBuy Now
Grove - EMG Detector3.3-5VAnalogBuy Now

Warmly Notice

The chart above tells a variety of attributions of each biomedical sensor, you can choose the one that is the most suited for you.

For fingerprint sensors, Grove - Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner/Sensor can identify biological characteristics, only identifies living body with high safety, small size, low power consumption and high accuracy while Grove - Fingerprint Sensor has a strong abrasion resistance with excellent environmental adaptability and stability. As for heart rate sensors, your preferences are up to which part of body is aimed to be tested, ear, chest or finger.

If more detailed information of individuals are required, please visit their own pages via the links left beside the images of the products.


eMotion - Towards a Better Future: We believe we can use biometric sensors, the security of the Helium platform and strength of Google Cloud to surface possible anxiety states.

Transportation data visualization with Google Map:We use the Wio LTE cat.1 to monitor transportation GPS and other info. For cold chain, we can monitor the GPS location together with temperature and humidity. For the bicycling, we can monitor the GPS location together with the hear rate.

Tech Support & Product Discussion

If you have any technical issue, please submit the issue into our forum.

Thank you for choosing our products! We are here to provide you with different support to ensure that your experience with our products is as smooth as possible. We offer several communication channels to cater to different preferences and needs.

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