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Grove - AHT20 I2C Industrial Grade Temperature&Humidity Sensor

AHT20 is a new generation of temperature and humidity sensor embedded with a dual-row flat and no-lead SMD package, suitable for the reflow soldering. AHT20 is equipped with a newly designed ASIC chip: an improved MEMS semiconductor capacitive humidity sensor, and a standard on-chip temperature sensor. The performance of AHT20 is more stable in harsh environments compared with the previous generation of temperature and humidity sensor such as Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pro (AM2302/DHT22), as a matter of fact, AHT20 is fittable in most industrial scenarios.

Upgradable to Industrial Sensors

With the SenseCAP S2110 controller and S2100 data logger, you can easily turn the Grove into a LoRaWAN® sensor. Seeed not only helps you with prototyping but also offers you the possibility to expand your project with the SenseCAP series of robust industrial sensors.

SenseCAP S210x series industrial sensors provide an out-of-box experience for environmental sensing. Please refer to the S2101 Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor with higher performance and robustness for air quality monitoring. The series includes sensors for soil moisture, air temperature and humidity, light intensity, CO2, EC, and an 8-in-1 weather station. Try the latest SenseCAP S210x for your next successful industrial project.

SenseCAP Industrial Sensor
S2101 Air Temp & Humidity


  • Temperature measurement range -40 ~ 85°C, Humidity measurement range 0 ~ 100% RH
  • Digital output, Grove I2C interface
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • SMD package suitable for reflow soldering
  • Quick response and strong anti-interference ability
  • Compatible with Arduino
  • 4-pin interface reserved


Operating VoltageDC: 2.0V-5.5V
Measuring Range (humidity)0 ~ 100% RH
Temperature Range-40 ~ + 85 ℃
Humidity Accuracy± 2% RH (25 ℃)
Temperature Accuracy± 0.3 ℃
ResolutionTemperature : 0.01 ℃; Humidity : 0.024% RH
Output InterfaceGrove I²C Interface
I2C address0x38

Platform Supported

ArduinoRaspberry Pi

Getting Started

Materials Required

Seeeduino Lotus V1.1Grove-AHT20 Temperature&Humidity Sensor
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Hardware Connection


Please plug the USB cable,Grove-AHT20 Temperature&Humidity Sensor Interface into Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 Interface gently, otherwise you may damage the port.

  • Step 1. Plug Grove-AHT20 Temperature&Humidity Sensor into I2C interface of Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 with a Grove Cable.

  • Step 2. Connect Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 to PC via a USB cable.

  • Step 3. Download the code, please refer to the software part.

  • Step 4. Run the code and the outcome will display on the screen of Serial Monitor in your Arduino IDE .


    If this is the first time you work with Arduino, we strongly recommend you to see [Getting Started with Arduino]( before the start.
  • Step 1. Download the Demo code.

  • Step 2. Copy the whole Seeed_Arduino_AHT20 file and paste it into your Arduino IDE library file.

  • Step 3. Open the BasicRead file of examples with your Arduino IDE.

  • Step 4. Upload the demo. If you do not know how to upload the code, please check How to upload code.

Software Code

#include <Wire.h>
#include "AHT20.h"


void setup()
Serial.println("AHT20 DEMO");

void loop()
float humi, temp;

int ret = AHT.getSensor(&humi, &temp);

if(ret) // GET DATA OK
Serial.print("humidity: ");
Serial.print("%\t temerature: ");
Serial.println("GET DATA FROM AHT20 FAIL");



If everything goes well, you can go to Serial Monitor to see an outcome as following:

Schematic Online Viewer


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