Grove - Digital PIR Sensor

PIR sensor is an IR sensor to detect human motions. This Grove Digital PIR Sensor is the cheapest PIR sensor in the PIR families, however, it is able to give a quick response and generate a high signal from the "sig" Pin.

With the Grove interface, the Grove digital PIR Sensor is easy to be plugged and played. And it doesn't need any Arduino Library.


  • Budget-friendly: less than 3 dollars
  • Intuitive: detect motion and output with only ‘high’ and ‘low’ digital signals
  • Simple: no external arduino library required
  • Interface: Grove


Item Value
Voltage range 3V–5V
Detecting angle 100 degree
Detecting distance 3.2m-12m
Response time < 1s
Working temp -20-85 C
Interface Grove
Dimensions 20mm * 20mm * 11.5mm
Weight 3g
Battery Exclude

Platform Supported

Arduino Raspberry Pi

Getting Started

Getting Started with Arduino

Materials Required

Seeeduino XIAO Grove Breadboard Grove Digital PIR Motion Sensor
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Hardware Connection

The Grove interface on the breadboard and on the Grove digital PIR Sensor are connected by the Grove cable.


  • Step1 Copy the code below to the Arduino IDE and upload. If you do not know how to update the code, please check How to upload code.
    #define digital_pir_sensor 5 // connect to Pin 5
    void setup()
      Serial.begin(9600);  // set baud rate as 9600
      pinMode(digital_pir_sensor,INPUT); // set Pin mode as input
    void loop()
      bool state = digitalRead(digital_pir_sensor); // read from PIR sensor
      if (state == 1)
      Serial.println("A Motion has occured");  // When there is a response
      Serial.println("Nothing Happened");  // Far from PIR sensor
  • Step2 Open the Serial port and you will see the value changing when you take a motion around the PIR sensor.

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Materials Required

Raspberry Pi 4B(4GB) Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi Grove Digital PIR Motion Sensor
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Hardware Connection

Connect the PIR sensor with "D5" on the Grove Base Hat.


  • Step 1 Update the system verion of Raspberry Pi.
    sudo apt-get update
  • Step 2 Install the wiringPi.
    sudo pip install wiringPi
    If you use Pi 4, please select the version of wiringPi
    sudo pip install wiringPi==2.52.0
  • Step 3 Get the right Pin you are connecting with.
    gpio readall
    here comes a table, find the Pim definition of the Pin 5 in wiring definition, in this demo, the pin definition is 21.
    gpio read 21
    You can read the value from the PIR sensor, when there is a motion, the value is "1", otherwise. the value is "0".

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