Grove Shield for Intel Joule

At the 2016 Intel Developer Forum, Intel announced the availability of the Joule Module, a Linux system on module that offers high computational power, RAM, and storage. This Grove shield introduces the family of Grove modules to the powerful Intel JouleTM, aims at helping inventors and IoT developers create there project more convenient and faster.

By simply plugging it on your Joule board, it will own 8 solid and easy-to-use Grove connectors which includes interfaces like I2C, UART, digital I/Os and analog inputs right away. In addition to rich Grove connectors, the shield also keeps 2x20 pin headers in case you want more GPIOs for the project. An integrated switch on the board allows you to select the working voltage at either 5V or 3.3V.


  • Interfaces: 8 Grove connectors

  • Plug-and-play

  • Interfaces Detail: I2C x 3, UART x 1, Digital x 2, Analog x 2

  • Working Voltage: 5V/3.3V

  • A switch for selecting working voltage.

  • 4 channel analog interface, Resolution: 12 Bits

  • Working temperature: -40 - 85℃

  • Size: 84.9*51.7mm

Hardware Overview

Pin to Pin Diagram

Grove Shield Connector/Pin SOC (Schematic) Signal TuChuckConnector/Pin
J1 Breakout1 J12
J2 Breakout2 J13
J3-1 I2C_0_SCL_H J12-13
J3-2 I2C_0_SDA_H J12-11
J4-1 I2C_1_SCL_H J13-33
J4-2 I2C_1_SDA_H J13-31
J5-1 I2C_2_SCL_H J13-37
J5-2 I2C_2_SDA_H J13-35
J6-1 AIN2 /
J6-2 AIN3 /
J7-1 UART_0_TXD J12-7
J7-2 UART_0_RXD J13-28
J8-1 Digital_1_PWM_0 J12-26
J8-2 Digital_1_PWM_1 J12-28
J9-1 AIN0 /
J9-2 AIN01 /
J10-1 Digital_2_PWM_2 J12-30
J10-2 Digital_2_PWM_3 J12-32


  • Please pay attention to the orientation when you are plugging the shield.
  • Libmraa does not support the UART pins of Joule for the time being. So the UART interface is not available.

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Tech Support

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