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Grove Base Shield for Photon


  • Grove interfaced

  • Connect to massive and low-cost Grove modules

  • I2C, UART ports integrated

Application ideas

  • Compact IoT applications such as smart router.


Grove ports 3 digital ports

2 analog ports

2 I2C ports

1 UART port.

Dimensions 53 × 53 mm
Weight 18g

Hardware Overview

Parts list

Parts name Quantity
Grove Base Shield for Photon 1PC

Getting Started

Note: In this case we show you a general development environmental.


1. Refer to [here]( to connect to a device (PC or Mac).


1. We recommend that you choose **node.js v4.2.3 LTS** especially for Windows 10 user.
2. You may need to one more steps after run command **particle setup**, that is, connect you device (PC or Mac) to a wi-fi AP whose name contain **Photon**, especially on Windows 10.
2. Use [Web IDE]( for your project. Login with your account and choose your device (click the 2nd last icon on left column).
We recommend you choose [Web IDE]( to compile or flashing your code to Photon which is much quicker than using Particle Dev, if your internet connectivity is not so good.
3. Connect them like following:

4. Now you can copy following code to Web IDE and flash them to Photo by clicking a lighting-like icon (the 1st icon on left column).
Copy the code only to the tab named _**filename.ino**_.
Use digital pin D4
This example code is in the public domain.
by xiaohe
int led1 = D4; //set D4 as output

void setup() {
pinMode(led1, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
// enable buzzing
digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);

// We'll leave it on for 1 second...

// Then we'll turn it off...
digitalWrite(led1, LOW);

// Wait 1 second...

// And it will repeat!

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