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Sidekick Basic Kit for TI LaunchPad

The Seeedstudio Sidekick Basic Kit for TI LaunchPad™ is a great starting point for learning electronics and building basic circuits using discrete components, a breadboard, and a LaunchPad. Using Energia can greatly simplify the software creation so more focus can be placed on rapid prototyping and modifying circuits to fit our project ideas. This is an excellent starter kit for new electronics engineers and makers! Sidekick includes loose components, wires, and a breadboard to compliment your LaunchPad development kit. The manual includes 10 different example circuits but many more are possible by gathering additional components or using creativity. This is a must have item for any LaunchPad developer!

  • Download the sample code folder here.

Hardware Overview

Parts list

Parts name Quantity
400 Tie-Point Breadboard 1 PCS
Green LED 5 PCS
RGB Common Anode LED 1 PCS
Ceramic Capacitor 10nF 10 PCS
Ceramic Capacitor 100nF 10 PCS
Aluminum Capacitor 100uF 5 PCS
Resistor 330 ohm 10 PCS
Resistor 1K ohm 10 PCS
Resistor 10K ohm 10 PCS
Tilt Switch 1 PCS
Thermistor 1 PCS
Photoresistor (photocell) 1 PCS
Diode (1N4004) 1 PCS
Piezo Buzzer 1 PCS
Button 5 PCS
Switch 5 PCS
Potentiometer with knob 2PCS
Small DC Motor 1 PCS
7 Segment Single Digit Display (SA39-11SRWA – [datasheet]( 1 PCS
8-bit Shift Register (SN74HC595N – [datasheet]( 1 PCS
NPN Transistor (LP395Z/NOPB – [datasheet]( 1 PCS
Analog Temperature Sensor (LM19CIZ/NOPB – [datasheet]( 1 PCS
Jumper Wire Long 5 PCS
Jumper Wire Short 20 PCS
Sidekick Quick Start Guide 1 PCS
Sidekick Manual 1 PCS

Get started

Download the example code at It will also be available in the Energia code examples for version 18+ The code is also available on the example pages below for copy and paste into your sketches

Basic Examples

Example 00: Blinking LED (Output)

Example 01: Fade RGB LED (PWM)

Example 02: Push Button (Input)

Example 03: Multiple LED (Many Outputs)

Example 04: Shift Register (Integrated Circuit)

Example 05: Piezo Buzzer (Sound)

Example 06: Potentiometer (Variable Resistor)

Example 07: Photoresistor (Light Sensor)

Example 08: Spin the Motor (Transistor)

Example 08B: Switching Voltage (Transistor)

Example 09: Temperature (Thermistor and Temp Sensor)

Example 10: 7 Segment Display (Digital Display)

Advanced Examples

Example: Switches (Tilt Switch and Toggle Switch)

Example: Button Press Counter (Input and Display)

Example: Potentiometer Dial (Input and Display)

Example: Photoresistor Fade (Input and Output)

Example: Shift Register 2 (IC and Display)

Example: Shift Register 3 (IC)

Example: Shift Register 4 (Shift In IC)

Example: Spin the Motor 2 (Motor Driver)

Example: Spin the Servo (Servo)

Example: DAC (Digital to Analog IC)

Example: 555 Timer (IC and Switch)

Example: IR Emitter and Receiver (Wireless)

Energia Core Tutorials

Mix Sidekick with Grove Starter Kit for LaunchPad

More examples

*For these examples, it may require additional hardware beyond Sidekick Basic Kit for TI LaunchPad™

Tech Support & Product Discussion

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