Danger Shield Complete Kits

The Danger Shield is an add-on for the Arduino micro controller board. It contains a variety of fun and useful electronic circuits that you can use to do fun and useful things. It is a fully self-contained shield. You plug it into your Arduino, and you can immediately start using it. No extra things to hook up, no external components. Just a really rad board ready to rock.

Version Tracker

Revision Descriptions Release
v1.0 Initial public release Oct 04, 2008


  • 3 x linear sliders w/ integrated LEDs (each independently hooked up to PWM)

  • 03 x pushbuttons

  • 2 x indicator LEDs (each with a PWM)

  • 1 x piezo buzzer (for making noise!)

  • 1 x temperature sensor

  • 1 x light sensor

  • 1 x knock sensor

  • 1 x 7 segment LED (with shift register)

  • power LED and reset button


What is it for? Whatever you want to do with it!

Bill of Materials (BOM) /parts list

Please enjoy soldering them:

ID Item QtyType
- Danger Shield v1.0 PCB 1 pcb
DIS1 7 Segment LED, green, 0.3in 1 component
IC1 74HC595N 1 component
JP1 100 breakaway header 5 component
LED1-3 5mm green LED 3 component
R1-R3, R7 10K ohm resistor 4 component
R4, R5, R9-R11, R19 560 ohm resistor 6 component
R6, R12-R18 680 ohm resistor 8 component
R8 1M ohm resistor 1 component
S1-S4 Omron B3F-1000 Button 4 component
SG1, SG2 12mm Piezo Buzzer 2 component
SLIDER1-3 Bourns PTL60 Green 3 component
IC2 LM35DZ 1 component
R20 LDR 1 component
JP2 100 breakaway header 40 component


Tech Support

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