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SenseCAP Sensor Hub Data Logger

Product Introduction

SenseCAP Sensor Hub is a compact solution for remote environmental monitoring. It consists of a powerful data logger that can connect a maximum of 40 RS-485 sensors and a wide range of sensor selection, you can use it for applications like weather station, air quality monitoring. With IP66 and solar power supply, you can count on it to provide a reliable and nonvolatile data collection service. Two versions of the SenseCAP Sensor Hub Data Logger: 2G and 4G, both are available.


SesneCAP Mobile APP,SenseCAP web-based portal, SenseCAP API, and SenseCAP Dashboard are also available for quick configuration and devices + data management.


  • Fit in applications need downlink command for remote control
  • On-board memory can store data if there is an internet outage
  • GSM900/1800MHz, LTE version is coming soon
  • Rapid installation and deployment, High reliability and stability
  • Can connect up to 40 sensors and actuators
  • Industrial grade protection: IP66 enclosure, temperature -40℃~70℃, suitable for outdoor applications and harsh environment
  • APP, Web-based portal, Open API are available for quick provisioning and data management
  • Easy maintenance, OTA upgrade


Please refer to this document:



Sensor Hub Data logger is an easy-to-deploy cellular station, 2 power source options are available: Solar power with a rechargeable battery and power adapter power.

It consists of 4 RS485 data channels and a wide range of sensors. With an extension hub, it can be connected with up to 40 sensors at one time. Data is collected and sent to the cloud through 2G or 4G. 10MB onboard memory is equipped to store more than 700,000 measurements locally in case of a bad connection. Industrial grade and IP66 design, suitable for the outdoor and harsh environment like UV, rain, dust. GNSS is embedded for location tracking.

Compares with SenseCAP LoRa, this data logger fits for higher-power-consumption sensors like ammonia. Sensor Data will be collected by Sensor Hub and sent to the SenseCAP Server or a designated one with 2G or 4G.

Design for easy-to-deploy, the enclosure is fit for pole and wall mount.


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