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Solution for the Compatibility Issue between reComputer and VEYE Camera

The issue has been traced to a firmware problem with the USB hub chip.

The specific steps are as follows:

STEP 1. Use SSH to remotely log in to your Jetson device, as during the upgrade process, it is required that no external devices be connected to the USB interface.

STEP 2. Find a way to copy the Camera Driver to the Jetson system. If using a USB drive to copy, remember to unplug the USB drive after the copy is complete.

STEP 3. Follow the instructions below to perform the upgrade.

$ tar -xjvf vl822-fw.tar.bz2
$ cd vl822-fw

Then, please follow the file to install firmware.

STEP 4. Power off and wait for 5 seconds before powering on again. Then, execute the command below to confirm the version of the USB hub firmware.

$ ./

STEP 5. Congratulations, the upgrade has been successful. You should now be able to use i2cdetect to detect the VEYE camera at 0x3b.

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