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Wio Link Event Kit

Wio Link Event Kit is a event-monitoring kit which include some typical event-triggered Grove functional modules to build smart IoT devices. The most amazing part of this kit is the Wio Link development board which can be utilized for various devices: without a bit programming skill required. All the actions you want your modules performed and the flashing code operation to Wio Link could be completed with taps in a mobile app. And you can send instructions to your devices over the internet at anywhere. So Wio Link will be a perfect utility to making things around smarter for everyone. Now let's get familiar with some event-triggered modules included in this Kit.

 The Wio IFTTT function is EOL. But Wio APP is available. You can use the API from Wio APP to read sensor status and control the actuator. 


  • Include common frequently-used event-monitoring functional modules.
  • Completely easy to make things around you smarter.
  • Grove port interfaced, more practical function and less work.
  • Weight: 145 g

Parts list

Parts nameQuantity
Grove - IR Distance Interrupt1PC
Grove - Button1PC
Grove - Magnetic Switch1PC
Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±1.5g)1PC
Wio Link1PC
Micro USB Cable - 48cm1PC

A simple demo

This demo can used as a compilation result-indicator.

Preliminary Guide

Material required

A detailed how-to

Please go to Recipe for the detailed manual:

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