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reTerminal Mount Options


reTerminal as a decent Human-Machine Interface (HMI), been adopted in so many different aspects systems. As a interface of the system, it will be a good idea to mount reTerminal, rather than just hand-hold. In this section, we will discuss the possibility of reTerminal mounting soulutions. Content of this section will cover the Screw Spec of Hardware, and the Community Design.

Hardware Specification of the Screw

All of the embedded nut at the back and the side of the device will fit the M4 screws, the 2 nuts at the middile of the device will fit the M4 18mm screws, others will fit the M4 6mm screws. The mount at the button is a standard camera mount with a diameter of ¼ inch,so you can connect the reTerminal to a standard tripod.


Community Design

Rotating module for ReTerminal "Rota Terminal"

This rotating module allows user to rotate and hold the reTerminal, with the new firmware, when the screen rotate to vertical, the screen will orientate to vertical. Also, with futer development, there are more possibilities with this module. Reference:


reTerminal Ceiling Module

The reTerminal ceiling module is a project that makes the transfrom the reTerminal to a IoT control device, the features of this module are control the power supply of the plug, and monitoring through the camera. Reference:


reTerminal Hat connection adapter 2

Insdustry application also one of the using scenario of the reTerminal, therefore, the reTerminal Hat connection adapter is bring out for a easier intergration to the aluminium T slot frame. Reference:


ReTerminal Mount for MakerGear M2

reTerminal could be a good partnet of the 3D printer, the ReTerminal Mount for MakerGear M2 is designed for this pourpose. Reference:


ReTerminal Stand

A reTerminal stand could be the very straightforward solution for many project. Reference:


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