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reTerminal DM Guide

Getting Started with reTerminal

Getting Started with reTerminal DMHardware and Interfaces Usage
This wiki will cover hardware specifications including LoRaWAN®, WiFi, BLE, RS485/RS232, CAN bus, 1000M Ethernet, USB, HDMI, in addition to other features. This wiki covers the installation of add-on hardware such as SSDs, cameras, PEO modules, assembly of WiFi/BLE antennas, LoRaWAN antennas, and more.

OS Installations

Raspbian OSSenseCraft Edge
This wiki will guide you through the installation process of Raspberry Pi OS and drivers. In this wiki, explore SenseCraft Edge OS, designed for reTerminal DM's 10.1" HMI device. It offers an intuitive interface with integrated functionalities for seamless device configuration and management.



reTerminal DM Getting Started with Node RedreTerminal DM RS485 Port with Node-RED
In this wiki, we install Node-RED on reTerminal DM—an intuitive programming tool for connecting hardware devices, APIs, and online services through a browser-based editor, allowing easy flow creation and deployment with a single click. In this wiki, explore integrating Modbus devices into Node-RED workflows with the built-in Modbus node. Learn about the RS485 protocol, understand Modbus, and discover how to seamlessly integrate them with reTerminal DM.
reTerminal DM MQTT with Node-REDreTerminal DM CAN BUS with Node-RED
In this wiki, explore integrating MQTT into Node-RED, leveraging its support for this protocol to build powerful IoT applications. In this wiki, integrate a CAN bus module with Node-RED for efficient high-speed data exchange between ECUs, widely used in automotive, industrial automation, medical equipment, and aerospace applications

Edge ML

Object detection with Edge Impulse and reTerminal DMTrain your own data set with Yolov5 and Deploy on reTerminal DM
In this wiki, we explore Object detection with Edge Impulse and reTerminal DM. Edge Impulse empowers developers to create and optimize embedded machine learning solutions using real-world data. Let's delve into the details. In this wiki, learn to train your own dataset with YOLOv5 and deploy it on your Raspberry Pi-based reTerminal DM.

Home Assistant

Frigate intergrating with reTerminal DM
Frigate is an open-source NVR designed for real-time AI object detection. All processing occurs locally on your hardware, ensuring your camera feeds stay within your home. This wiki guides you through the installation of the NVR and demonstrates object detection capabilities.

AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Core Intergate With reTerminal DM
AWS IoT Core is a service that assists in securely connecting and managing Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It enables devices to communicate with each other and with the cloud, facilitating the development of smart and connected applications. In this wiki, we are going to guide you through setting up the reTerminal DM device for cloud communication.

Azure IoT Edge

AWS IoT Core Intergate With reTerminal DM
This Wiki describes how to connect reTerminal DM device running Debian 11 (ARM32v7) with Azure IoT Edge Runtime pre-installed and Device Management.

Ignition Edge

reTerminal DM Getting Started with Ignition EdgereTerminal DM Ignition Edge Panel Builder Hello World
By embedding Ignition Edge into field and OEM devices at the edge of the network, you can extend Ignition all the way to the edge of your network. Discover how to set up the reTerminal device with this guide. In this wiki, we will demonstrate how to create a basic page and display it at a fixed URL. We'll achieve this by creating a 'hello world' perspective project and viewing it on the gateway using a web browser.

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