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Edge Controller Powered By Raspberry Pi

EdgeBox-RPI-200 is not only an industrial raspberry pi/linux gateway and IIoT gateway, but also an all-in-one Raspberry Pi-based edge computing controllers that combines multiple industrial purposes. Designed as high-scalability and rugged industrial hardware, mounted with rich IO resources, and supported by the great Raspberry Pi industrial software ecosystem, it is an ideal choice for smart automation and Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) solutions.

EdgeBox RPI 200 Application

Industrial Edge


EdgeBox RPi 200 with N3uronConnect AWS IoT Core with N3uron
Easily create bidirectional data pipelines between OT and IT systems with N3uron, consolidating and visualizing operational data in a single source. Learn to install and access N3uron using EdgeBox RPi 200. Quickly integrate AWS and N3uron in minutes with this tutorial, exploring the interface between N3uron Edge IIoT platform and AWS IoT Core. Unlock the full potential of your industrial data with seamless cloud connectivity.
Connect N3uron with MQTT and Modbus Support DevicesConnect N3uron with BACnet on EdgeBox RPi 200
Enhance plant management with Edge Box RPi 200 and N3uron Duo, leveraging robust connectivity and data manipulation capabilities. This Wiki guides you through connecting with Modbus TCP and MQTT for seamless industrial integration. Discover the power of BACnet in Building Management Systems with N3uron, enhancing data acquisition and management for seamless interoperability. Utilize BACnet TCP with the YABE Room Simulator to visualize and test BACnet devices, ensuring robust and flexible BMS solutions.


Edge Box Getting Started with Node-RedEdge Box RPi 200 with Node Red and MQTT
Discover how to install and configure Node-RED on EdgeBox RPi 200, transforming it into a versatile tool for connecting hardware, APIs, and online services. Utilize the intuitive browser-based flow editor to seamlessly integrate various components using a rich palette of nodes. Explore the installation of the Mosquitto broker and learn how to work with Node-RED to subscribe and publish MQTT topics in this wiki. Ideal for IoT applications, MQTT enables efficient, real-time data exchange with low bandwidth over unreliable networks.
Edge Box RPi 200 with Node Red and Modbus TCPEdge Box RPi 200 with Node Red and Modbus RS485
Learn how to work with Modbus TCP on Edge Box RPi 200 using Node-RED in this wiki. Discover how Modbus TCP extends the protocol to Ethernet networks, enabling faster communication speeds and seamless integration with modern IT infrastructure. Learn how to set up Modbus RTU communication with the Edge Box RPi 200, an industrial IoT gateway based on the Raspberry Pi. This wiki guides you through using Node-RED, a flow-based development tool, to integrate Modbus RTU devices with modern networks.
Edge Box RPi 200 with Node Red and BACnet TCPEdge Box RPi 200 with Node Red and InfluxDBEdge Box RPi 200 with Grafana
Discover the advantages of BACnet IP in Building Management Systems (BMS) with this wiki, focusing on Node-RED integration. Learn how to achieve improved scalability, easier installation and maintenance, and leverage existing network infrastructure using Node-RED and BACnet IP.Deploy InfluxDB on an Edgebox RPi 200, a Raspberry Pi-powered edge controller, for robust time-series data collection and analysis at the network edge. This guide details the steps to install, configure, and use InfluxDB, enabling efficient management and real-time insights for IoT applications.Learn how to install Grafana on a Raspberry Pi-powered EdgeBox RPi 200 in this wiki, transforming your data into insightful visualizations. Connect Grafana to an existing InfluxDB database and create an illustrative dashboard to enhance system performance, streamline troubleshooting, and make informed decisions with powerful monitoring tools.

Ignition Edge

Edgebox RPI 200 Getting Started with Ignition Edge
Ignition Edge by Inductive Automation®: Tailored, lightweight Ignition® software solutions for field devices and OEM devices at the network edge. Simplifies and makes edge computing more affordable, enabling seamless extension of data collection, visualization, and system management to the edge of the network.


Codesys for Edge Box RPi 200
Wiki uses Codesys Development System V3 to program EdgeBox-RPI-200, a Raspberry Pi-based PLC. It installs CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi MC runtime. Codesys is an IEC 61131-3 software for industrial controller programming.

Fleet Management

EdgeBox RPi 200 balena OS SetupGetting started with NEQTO Engine on EdgeBox
Balena: IoT platform for developers to deploy and manage applications across device fleets. Supports diverse architectures, enabling easy updates and secure, reliable device operation in the field. Learn how to deploy NEQTO on Edgebox RPi 200 in this tutorial, enabling lightweight and secure remote software management on edge devices. Utilize NEQTO's turnkey platform connectors and lifecycle management for seamless AIoT integration with on-premise or cloud servers.

Cloud Solutions

AWS IoT Core Intergate With EdgeBox RPi 200
Learn how to connect your Edge Box RPi 200 to the AWS IoT cloud in this comprehensive guide. Leverage AWS IoT Core for secure device management and seamless communication, enabling the development of smart, connected applications within the AWS ecosystem.

Hardware Guide

EdgeBox RPi 200 with LoRaWAN® ModuleEdgeBox RPi 200 boot From External Media
WM1302: Next-gen LoRaWAN® gateway module in mini-PCIe form-factor. Powered by Semtech® SX1302 baseband LoRaWAN® chip, it enhances long-range wireless transmission with increased sensitivity, reduced power consumption, and lower operating temperature. The wiki covers installation and usage details.. This tutorial will guide you on how to boot your EdgeBox RPi 200 from a USB source or SSD NVMe drive, enhancing performance and storage capabilities. Follow the steps to configure and optimize your EdgeBox for efficient and reliable operation.

Tech Support & Product Discussion

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