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Original OS

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a bootable USB drive and install Linux OS(Ubuntu Desktop 18.04) onto the ODYSSEY - X86J41x5.

Hardware Requirementsโ€‹

  • A Working Computer

  • A USB Drive(>= 8GB is recommended)

  • A Monitor

  • Keyboard and Mouse

Creating a Bootable USBโ€‹

Step 1 - Download the Operating System Imageโ€‹

Download your required OS Image to your local drive. In this tutorial, Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 is used to demonstrate to install into the ODYSSEY - X86J41x5.

  • You can download Ubuntu OS Image from here.

Step 2 - Prepare your Bootable USBโ€‹

Format the USB drive. If you are a Windows user, you can format the USB drive by right-clicking the USB Drive and select Format.

Note: Choose FAT32 for the File System.

Step 3 - Download Flash Burnerโ€‹

Download the Open Source Flash burner balenaEtcher. Download the version according to your operating system(Windows/macOS/Linux).

Step 4 - Writing the OS Image into USBโ€‹

Select the downloaded Operating System Image, select the formatted USB Drive and Flash! Now, the bootable USB is all set to go.

Installing Operating System (Ubuntu)โ€‹

Step 1 - Selecting Bootable USB as Boot Deviceโ€‹

Plug in your bootable USB, Monitor and keyboard to ODYSSEY - X86J41x5, and power up. When booting up, keep pressing F7 to enter the Boot Manager Screen. And use โ†‘ and โ†“ Key on keyboard to select your bootable USB.

In this Tutorial, UEFI: Mass Storage Device 1.00 is the bootable USB.

Step 2 - Installing the OSโ€‹

Select the Install ubuntu and press Enter. Follow through the installing instructions on the screen, i.e. system language, user name, location and etc.

Note: For detail steps of Installing ubuntu, you can follow this video for more information. The Installing part starts at 3:20 in the video.

Step 3 - Reboot and Enjoy New OSโ€‹

If everything goes well, ubuntu should be installed on the ODYSSEY - X86J41x5 and you can start enjoying your new OS!


  • Ubuntu 16 is not supported by ODYSSEY - X86J41x5

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