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SenseCAP ONE Weather Sensoe

Today, data on localized weather, known as microclimates, is the new frontier for more precise and accurate weather forecasting. As a result, the collection of weather data is becoming increasingly smaller and gridded. In light of this, weather stations, which are the most convenient means of collecting weather data, are seeing a rise in demand. SenseCAP offers all-in-one weather sensors to help you collect and monitor environmental data for various scenarios.


SenseCAP ONE is a series of all-in-one compact weather sensors, that integrate multiple sensors into this compact device, monitoring up to 10 weather parameters: air temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, light intensity, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, PM 2.5, PM 10, and CO2.

Air TemperatureAir HumidityAir PressureLightWind SpeedWind DirectionRainfallPM2.5PM10CO2Noise






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