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3.6V Micro hydro generator

Micro hydro power is clean, renewable energy. Here is a G 1/2 micro hydro generator which can supply stably output voltage and output current with the help of one voltage stabilizing circuit and one rechargeable battery. We can install it at home to save household energy, like using spray shower to light LEDs etc.

Pressure and Flow diagram

Flow and Output voltage Diagram

This module has added one voltage stabilizing circuit and one rechargeable battery, output voltage is stably 3.6v and output current is stably 300mA.

Flow and Output voltage Diagram


Weight165 g
Output voltage3.6V
Battery Capacity300mA
Maximum working pressure1.75 MPa
Working pressure0~1.75MPa
Working temperature0~110°C
Maximum30mins at 110 °C
Recommend flow rate range1.5~20 l/min(Pressure 0.05-0.2mpa)
Installation Methoddirection of arrow
Materialnylon/glass fiber,Polyformaldehyde
Size of the input and output openings0.8inch

Mechanic Dimensions


Hardware Installation

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