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DSO Quad:Beta HW

This Informations are from beginning 2011. They are not applicable for the retail version (HW 2.6)

Note to beta testers

You can find the product page for the beta device here: TES101D2P

  1. This is a pre-order of about 300 pcs pioneering run. Estimated shipping time is early March, but please be ware of possible delay due to Chinese Spring festival.

  2. This batch is for beta test, we will carefully exam every unit but hardware design or manufacture defects might exist. Please use with caution and experiment only.

  3. Thank you so much for the support, we love to hear your opinions! Feel free to post your hints on this page.

  4. Please don't purchase other products besides DSO Quad, we will NOT ship the rest in-stock items until DSO Quad is ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If this is a beta run, will the device be firmware upgradable (via USB) when and if bugs are found?
Sure, just copy the firmware onto internal USB disk, press ">" while booting up to upgrade.
  1. If hardware bugs are found, how is that handled? Return beta product for a production one? We will test and ensure major functions of each unit. You may send us back for a production one, but need to cover the freight and price difference. Please understand the risk of beta test.

  2. There are two statements in regards to Beta shipping, one in March and the other Jan 20th. Which one is correct?

Due to component shortage and bug observed, we need to have another revision for beta batch. They will be shipped late Feb or early March.
  1. Even if this is a beta, you are selling 300 copies so you should put some time in the documentation, and at least sell a working product (YOU DON'T THINK it is enough reliable to put at least a 3 month to 1 year warranty???) I'm not going to buy something you don't even trust!

    Sorry for not mentioning, warranty info is here Documentations are under preparation, some video and demonstration will be posted soon. Thanks!

  2. What flash storage is there and is it possible to have it larger (by Seeed or change yourself), preferably with firmware autodetection? It seems quite limiting for saving screens or apps when there is no SD card support.

  3. What are the user applications?

[No official answer]As far as I know, there will be the possibility to boot up different applications that you can store on the U-Disk. I'll add a section to this page collecting ideas for user applications.
  1. What is the battery life?
8 hours continuous working on 60% LCD brightness. Auto display off on 5 minutes, adjustable in later firmwares.

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