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24GHz Doppler Radar

MW2401TR11 is a 24GHz human motion microwave sensor module product with high integration and a high intelligent algorithm, it equipped with the high-performance transceiver. The antenna not only has good directivity, but can also adjust the coverage area through software settings according to different application scenarios, and filter out interference through smart algorithms, Also it is able to effectively identify the subtle movement of objects.


  • Recognize people tiny movement sensitively
  • 24Ghz Microwave module can high effectively recognize object state
  • Support original signal and digital high level or low level signal output
  • sense of Distance and sensitive are support to adjustable (Maximum: 20 meter)
  • minisize antenna with 170 ° azimuth angle detection function
  • There are reserve I/O port and support to communicate UART port
  • FCC/CE/RS authentication test standards


Power supply 5 - 12 V
Current consumption 50-56 mA (Current can reduce by the distance required)
operating temperature -30 - 85 °C
working frequency 50HZ - 60HZ
Output delay 2s - infinite (Adjustable by software)
Transmitting frequency 24 - 24.25 GHz
Digital high-level signal 3.2 - 3.3 V
Digital low-level signal 0 - 0.2 V
Hanging height 3 - 10 meter (Adjustable by software)
Radius of reaction2 - 5 meter (Adjustable by software)
Radius of Micro0.5 - 3 meter (Adjustable by software)
Detection angle150 - 170°


  • 20mm x 20mm x 2.54mm

Hardware Overview

ip R2 is reserved I/O interface.

Technical details

Define of interface
1TXTX port can be used as I/O with ADC function (voltage: 3.3 V)
2GNDGround connection
3OUTSense output I/O port (voltage: 3.3 V & user-defined output waveform)
4VIN5 - 12 V
5RXRX port can be used as I/O with ADC function (voltage: 3.3 V)

Platform Supported


Getting Started

Materials Required

Seeeduino Cortex-M0+MW2401TR11
enter image description hereenter image description here
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it just an example, you are able to use other devices with RX and TX port or set up a software serial port to simulate TX and TX port, also you can just use OUT port to output high-level signal or low-level signal without RX and TX.


MW2401TR11 with seeeduino Cortex-M0+ connection

  • step 1. Following above picture to connect wire.
  • step 2. Plug tpye-c power cable to seeeduino Cortex-MO+.


int MW_out = 2;   
// set pin 2 as OUT port
void setup() {
pinMode(MW_out, INPUT);

void loop() {
if (Serial1.available()){
//Serial.println("data be ready to present");
uint8_t begin_code =;
uint8_t state_code =;
uint8_t gear_code =;
uint8_t delay_code =;
uint8_t check_code =;

if(begin_code == 170){ //confirm the hearder alway present 0xaa
check_code = begin_code + state_code + gear_code + delay_code;
if(check_code == 175) Serial.println("object state:stop");
if(check_code == 176) Serial.println("object state:closing_5");
if(check_code == 177) Serial.println("object state:leaving");
if(check_code == 172) Serial.println("object state:closing_1");
else Serial.println("no data recived");
while(>=0); //clear buffer

  • step 4. open the Serial Monitor you will see the data print.

The 1018 and 1019 are mean high-level signal, 4 and 5 is mean low-level signal, normally if the low-level signal presented, it will be not present action data.

There is a simple show when my hand is leaving, the monitor is displaying object state: leaving when my hand is leaving


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