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Photo Reflective Sensor

This is a reflective sensor combines a GaA1As infrared light emitting diode with a high sensitive Darlington phototransistor in a mini package.


  • Compact

  • High performance

  • High output

  • Easy to mount on PCB

  • Widely applicable

Application Ideas

  • Timing sensors

  • Edge sensors

  • Micro floppy disc drivers

  • Level sensors of liquid


Maximum Ratings (Ta=25℃)

Item Symbol Rating Unit
InputPower DissipationPD100mW
Reverse VoltageVR5V
Forward CurrentIF50mA
Pulse Forward current *1IFP1A
OutputCollector Power DissipationPc100mW
Collector CurrentIc20mA
C-E VoltageVCEO30V
E-C VoltageVECO5V
Operating TemperatureTopr -10~+65
Storage TemperatureTstg -25~+85
Soldering Temperature*2Tsol260

Electro-optical Characteristics (Ta=25℃)

Item Symbol Conditions Min Typ Max Unit
InputForward VoltageVFIF=20mA1.21.6V
Reverse CurrentIRVR=5V10µA
CapacitanceCtV=0V, f=1kHZ25pF
Peak WavelengthλP940nm
OutputCollector Dark CurrentICEOVCE=20V0.1µA
Light CurrentILVCE=5V,IF=20mA50µA
Leakage CurrentICEODVCE=5V,IF=10mA1µA
Switching SpeedsRise TimetrVcc=5V, Ic=1mA, RL=1kΩ15µsec
Fall Timetf15µsec

Mechanic Dimensions

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