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This directory contains a series of project examples that demonstrate Bluetooth functionality and provides code that you can copy and adapt into your own projects.

Using Examples

Before building an example, be sure to follow the ESP-IDF Getting Started Guide to ensure you have the required development environment.

Building an example is the same as building any other project:

  • Step 1: Change into the directory of the new example you'd like to build.

Run the following command to select the correct chip target to build before opening the project configuration menu: set-target esp32s3

(By default the target is esp32. For all options see set-target --help)

  • Step 2: Run the following command to open the project configuration menu: menuconfig

Most examples have a project-specific "Example Configuration" section here (for example, to set the WiFi SSID & password to use)

  • Step 3: Build the example: build

Follow the printed instructions to flash, or run -p PORT flash

Tech Support

Don't worry, we've got you covered! Please visit our Seeed Official Discord Channel to ask your questions!

If you have large order or customization requirement, please contact [email protected]

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