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Wio Terminal Retro Gaming Firmware

Here we released the initial factory firmware of the Wio Terminal, which is a simple game that you can play with Wio Terminal!

Download the Complete Source Code

You can download the complete source code of the Wio Terminal Initial Firmware from this repo here.

  • Download the entire repo

  • Under examples/jumper location

Dependant Libraries

Installing the Adafruit ZeroTimer Libraries

  1. Visit the Adafruit_ZeroTimer repositories and download the entire repo to your local drive.

  2. Now, the Adafruit ZeroTimer library can be installed to the Arduino IDE. Open the Arduino IDE, and click sketch -> Include Library -> Add .ZIP Library, and choose the Adafruit_ZeroTimer file that you've have just downloaded.



Also depends on 1. Seeed_Arduino_LCD 2. Seeed_Arduino_FS 3. Seeed_Arduino_SFUD 4. Adafruit_ZeroDMA, but these libraries are included in the Wio Terminal Board library. If having troubles, please update to the latest board library.

Arduino Instructions

There are 2 ways of loading images of the gaming elements:

  1. Using Flash:

    • This is the default method and loads the images into the flash.

    • Upload the code.

  2. Loading images using SD Card:

    • Copy and paste rgb332 file(with all the images) into the SD card.

    • If loading images from the SD card, you need to uncomment the macro LOAD_IMAGE_SD.

    • Upload the code.

Now, you can enjoy playing retro gaming using WIo Terminal again!

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