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This repo introduce how to install the TFT LCD library used on Wio Terminal. It provides basic graphical functions to the Wio Terminal with minimum effort!

TFT LCD Library Default Installation

By default, the TFT LCD Library is included inside the Wio Terminal Board Library. Hence, there is no need to download the TFT LCD library again. Follow the next tutorials to get you started with the display!

Installing the TFT LCD Library Separately

If you want to install the TFT LCD library separately, or updating just the TFT LCD library, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Seeed_Arduino_LCD repositories and download the entire repo to your local drive.

  2. Now, the TFT LCD library can be installed to the Arduino IDE. Open the Arduino IDE, and click sketch -> Include Library -> Add .ZIP Library, and choose the Seeed_Arduino_LCD file that you've have just downloaded.


Installing the Adafruit Zero DMA Library

Some functions of the TFT LCD Library requires this library.

  1. Navigate to sketch -> Include Library -> Manager Library, and a library manager window will appear.

  2. Search Adafruit Zero DMA and click Install.

Tech Support & Product Discussion

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