GPRS Shield‏‎

The GPRS Shield provides you a way to use the GSM cell phone network to receive data from a remote location. The shield allows you to achieve this via any of the three methods:

There are two versions for you to choose:

GPRS Shield V1.0 GPRS Shield V2.0

Here lists the comparison between various versions of GPRS Shield that you can find on myamplifiers.com:

Parameter GPRS Shield V1.0 GPRS Shield V2.0
Working Voltage +5V +5V
Supply Mode Power Jack or 5V Pin of Arduino/Seeeduino 5V Pin or Vin Pin of Arduino/Seeeduino
Audio Interface Speaker and Headphone jacks 2-in-1 headset jack
Standard Shield No Yes
**Antenna ** 0.4W 0.8W(29dBm)
transit power 0.4W 0.8W(29dBm)

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