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Relay Shield

The Relay Shield is an Arduino compatible smart module with 4 mechanical relays providing an easy way to control high voltage. The max switching power is 35VDC 70W for each channel. It can be directly controlled by Arduino/Seeeduino through digital IO.

Relay Shield V1.0Relay Shield V2.0Relay Shield V3.0

Here lists the comparison between various versions of Relay Shield:

ParameterRelay Shield V1.0Relay Shield V2.0Relay Shield V3.0
Working Voltage+7V ~+12V+5V+5V
PowerExtern power supply5V Pin of Arduino/Seeeduino5V Pin of Arduino/Seeeduino
Switching Current(Max)2A8A8A
XBee InterfaceYesNoNo
Remote controlYesNoNo
Standard ShieldNoYes
Working status indicators for each relayNoYesYes

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