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Brushless Motor Shield TB6605FTG


The Brushless Motor Shield (TB6605FTG) is a brushless motor driver for Arduino compatible system. It supports 9V ~ 24V DC input and can continuously and continuously output large current to drive the brushless motor. With the onboard potentiometer, you can adjust the motor speed easily. This shield offers a variety of modes to choose from, you can use the four onboard switches to switch functions.

With the onboard Grove I2C interface, you can work with other grove modules with this shield easily, for instance, you can use a [Grove - LCD RGB Backlight](Grove - LCD RGB Backlight) to display the Motor speed.

We also released the TB6605 BLDC Motor Kit for Arduino, which is based on this shield and contains an LCD and a high-quality brushless motor to display the Motor speed.


  • Wide input voltage range: 9V ~ 24V
  • I2C interface
  • Hardware adjustable speed control(On-board Potentiometer)
  • Multiple modes available: CW/CWW, Brake/Normal, Sine wave/Square wave




Supply voltage

3.3V / 5V

DC Power Input

9V ~ 24V

Max Output Current


Driving mode

Sine wave/Square wave

Motor Interface

Screw terminal

External Grove Interface


Hardware Overview


Screw terminal definition

Brushless Motor Shield

Brushless Motor

wire color


Logic power supply positive



Logic power ground



Hall sensor Phase U



Hall sensor Phase V

Dark Green


Hall sensor Phase W

Dark Blue


Coil Phase U



Coil Phase V

Light Green


Coil Phase W

Light Blue

Table 1.Wiring Map

The wiring color may be different if you are not using the 42BLF01 brushless motor, please connect according to the specific situation

Getting Started

Materials required

Or you can just use our TB6605FTG Brushless Motor Kit for Arduino, this kit contains Brushless Motor Shield, 42BLF01 brushless motor, and a Grove - LCD RGB Backlight.

Hardware connection

  • Step 1. Connect the Brushless Motor to the Screw terminal of the Brushless Motor Shield, please refer to the Table 1.

  • Step 2. Connect the Grove - LCD RGB Backlight to the Grove I2C port on the Brushless Motor Shield.

  • Step 3. Plug the Brushless Motor Shield into your Arduino or Seeeduino.

  • Step 4. Power the shield with DC jack and power the Arduino via USB cable.



If this is the first time you work with Arduino, we strongly recommend you to see Getting Started with Arduino before the start.

  • Step 4. Upload the demo. If you do not know how to upload the code, please check How to upload code.

If everything goes well, you can see the DC motor run and the LCD will show the speed. Now you can rotate the potentiometer to control the speed of the motor.

Schematic Online Viewer


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