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The XIAO series development boards, where "XIAO" stands for small or little, are tiny development boards about the size of a fingernail, launched by Seeed Studio.

We provide here a clear and easy-to-understand introduction to the applications of this series of development boards, with the hope of providing reference and assistance for your future use. Furthermore, we have compiled a collection of little masterpieces created using these small development boards and eagerly await your submissions.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Here is a collection of hands-on preparation content for each XIAO, where you can find the complete process of preparing the hardware and software for each XIAO. This will clear the way for you on your development journey.

XIAO SAMD21XIAO RP2040XIAO nRF52840 (Sense)

Pin Usage

Here is a collection of tutorials for each XIAO on how to use the pin function. The pin functions we usually refer to include the common GPIO, Digital, Analog, SPI, IIC, etc. Here, you will master the use of the basic functions of each XIAO. Connect your sensor system and get creative!

XIAO SAMD21XIAO RP2040XIAO nRF52840 (Sense)

Features Usage of Each Board

This section aims to list the tutorials in the Wiki on some of the function points specific to each XIAO model. It allows the user to apply these features.

Seeed Studio XIAO SAMD21

Seeed Studio XIAO SAMD21
Use Single Cycle IOBUSXIAO SAMD21 as USB device (TinyUSB)XIAO SAMD 21 DAPLink
Cortex M0+ has a function called Single Cycle IOBUS that can operate GPIO output in one clock cycle. Writing to a specific register can invert the logic, disable the pin, or change the pin drive current.This wiki introduces how to use Seeed Studio XIAO SAMD21 as USB-Client with the help of TinyUSB library. It allows Seeed Studio XIAO SAMD21 to be used for HID devices such as keyboard, mouse and etc.Now, we have developed the DAPLink firmware running on your Arduino Boards(SAMD Series) such as Wio Terminal and Seeeduino Xiao so that you can upload and debug development boards that support DAPLink in a most cost-effective way!
XIAO SAMD21 to log in to your Raspberry PI
Using Raspberry Pi can be inconvenient without extra HDMI displays, easy-to-connect mouse and keyboard, or an affordable USB to Serial adapter. But with Seeed Studio XIAO SAMD21, these problems are easily solved.

Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 (Sense)

Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 (Sense)
Low power consumption modeSetting the charging currentAccess the SWD Pins for Debugging and Reflashing Bootloader
The Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 is low power consumption and here we provide a method to verify. It is highly recommend to use the Seeed nRF52 Boards library here.The battery charging current is selectable as 50mA or 100mA, where you can set Pin13 as high or low to change it to 50mA or 100mA.Use of the SWD pin
The 6-Axis IMU Usage & Temperature sensorPDM Microphone UsageQSPI Flash Usage
Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 Sense is equipped with a high-precision 6-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) which includes a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. There is also an embedded temperature sensor on this module.Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 Sense is equipped with a PDM (Pulse Density Modulation) Microphone which can receive audio data in real-time and can be used for audio recognition.In this tutorial, you will learn how to utilize the QSPI Flash on XIAO boards, which can greatly expand the storage capacity and speed up your projects.
XIAO nRF52840 on SidewalkXIAO nRF52840 & mbed BLEXIAO nRF52840 & nRF52 BLE
Amazon Sidewalk is a protocol that lets compatible devices share internet bandwidth to extend the range of smart home devices and improve connectivity.Introducing the use of low-power Bluetooth based on the mbed.Introducing the use of low-power Bluetooth based on the nRF52.

Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3

Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3
XIAO ESP32C3 WiFi UsageXIAO ESP32C3 BLE UsageXIAO ESP32C3 accesses Home Assistant via ESPHome service
Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 supports WiFi connectivity with IEEE 802.11b/g/n. This wiki will introduce the basics of WiFi usage on this board.Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 supports Bluetooth 5 (LE) connectivity. This wiki will introduce the basics of Bluetooth usage on this board.Learn how to install ESPHome in your Home Assistant environment and connect your XIAO ESP32C3 to your home terminal seamlessly using its WiFi function.
XIAO ESP32C3 & Flash Data Storage
This tutorial will introduce how to store important data on the XIAO ESP32C3's flash memory from two different storage methods.

Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3 (Sense)

Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3 (Sense)
XIAO ESP32S3 WiFi UsageXIAO ESP32S3 BLE UsageXIAO ESP32S3 Sense Mic Usage
In this tutorial, we will explore how to leverage the XIAO ESP32S3's Wi-Fi capabilities to connect to a Wi-Fi network and perform basic networking tasks.In this tutorial, we'll cover the basics of XIAO ESP32S3's Bluetooth capabilities, including scanning for nearby devices, establishing connections, and transmitting/receiving data.In this tutorial, we will bring you how to use the microphone of XIAO ESP32S3 Sense expansion board.
XIAO ESP32S3 Sense File SystemXIAO ESP32S3 Sense Camera UsageXIAO ESP32S3 & SenseCraft Model Assistant
In this tutorial, we will focus on the use of the file system of XIAO ESP32S3, mainly on the use of the microSD card slot for the Sense version. At the same time, we will introduce the official ESP file system SPIFFS, the chip's built-in Flash, etc.In this tutorial, we will walk you through using the camera module on the XIAO ESP32S3 Sense.SenseCraft Model Assistant is an open-source project focused on embedded AI. We have optimized excellent algorithms from OpenMMLab for real-world scenarios and made implemention more user-friendly, achieving faster and more accurate inference on embedded devices.

Platform Support for XIAO Series

This section will list the major platforms supported by XIAO, including PlatformIO, MicroPython, CircuitPython. support is updated in real time.

Plarform IO

XIAO SAMD21XIAO RP2040XIAO nRF52840 (Sense)


XIAO ESP32S3 (Sense)XIAO RP2040


XIAO SAMD21XIAO RP2040XIAO nRF52840 (Sense)


XIAO SAMD21XIAO RP2040XIAO nRF52840 (Sense)

The Showcase of Creative Creations

We will continue to collect and showcase Seeed Studio XIAO's projects here.

Embedded Machine Learning(TinyML)

Some XIAO's do support embedded machine learning and we will list the relevant tutorial content on embedded machine learning here.

TinyML on XIAO RP2040 & XIAO SAMD21Motion Recognition on XIAO RP2040Speech Recognition on XIAO nRF52840 Sense
This project covers training and deploying model to Seeed Studio XIAO SAMD21 and Seeed Studio XIAO RP2040 development boards.In this wiki, we will show you how to utilize the accelerometer on Seeed Studio XIAO RP2040 combined with Edge Impulse to enable motion recognition. The codes we present here are supported by latest version of XIAO RP2040 Boards.This wiki will demonstrate how you can use TensorFlow Lite on Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 Sense and perform speech recognition using the on-board microphone.
XIAO nRF52840 Sense & Edge ImpulseTensorFlow Lite on XIAO nRF52840 SenseTinyML Made Easy: Sound Classification (KWS)
Welcome to this quickstart wiki on using Edge Impulse with Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 Sense! In this guide, we will explore how to use the onboard IMU sensor to detect human motion and classify different actions.This wiki will demonstrate how you can use TensorFlow Lite on Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 Sense and detect gestures such as punching and flexing using the on-board accelerometer. Here the data training will be done on the device itself.We are continuing our exploration of Machine Learning on a giant tiny device, the Seeed XIAO BLE Sense. And now, classifying sound waves.
TinyML Made Easy: Image ClassificationTinyML Made Easy: Anomaly Detection & Motion Classification
Exploring Machine Learning on the tremendous new tiny device of the Seeed XIAO family, the ESP32S3 Sense.Exploring Machine Learning on a giant tiny device, the Seeed XIAO BLE. Sense.

Distinguished Projects

XIAO ESP32C3 & ChatGPTMiniature ChatGPT Voice Assistant based on XIAO ESP32S3Geolocation Tracker with XIAO ESP32S3
In this tutorial, we will guide users to learn and use XIAO ESP32C3 WiFiClient and HTTPClient libraries, how to connect to the network, how to publish web pages and the basics of HTTP GET and POST. The goal is to call OpenAI ChatGPT and create your own Q&A website.Introducing our new project featuring the XIAO ESP32S3 Sense and Round Display! The project includes a speech recognition system using the Sense's microphone and Google Cloud's speech-to-text service, followed by OpenAI's interface to ask ChatGPT questions and display the answers on the screen.In this tutorial we'll explore two of the more popular ways to deploy XIAO (without the GPS module) to create a surprising tracker.
TOTEM | a tiny splitkeyboard with splayPhatStats PC Performance TFT DisplayRemote Control Fan
While reading about the Seeed Fusion DIY XIAO Mechanical Keyboard Contest I thought this could be a nice opportunity for creating a tiny inexpensive Bluetooth board, which could also be used wired (using the XIAO RP2040).Arduino Tft PC Performance Monitor With Client Software Powered by XIAO SAMD21.This wiki introduce how to make a Mini fan to plase on your room keep cool.
Remote Control CarFingerprint unlocks treasure boxAir Quality Sensor Hub
This wiki introduce how to make a remote control car.This box uses fingerprint authentication to keep your belongings secure. If unauthorized access is attempted, a buzzer will sound and the LED ring will turn red. Only registered fingerprints can access the box. When you place your finger on the board and it's authenticated, the LED ring will turn green.This is an environment detect device to collect PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, CO2 and dust particle via Grove - Laser PM2.5 Sensor, Grove - CO2 & Temperature & Humidity sensor and Grove - dust Sensor respectively.
Gas Data LoggingTaking photos with the cameraUnleash the Power of Tracking with XIAO
This project shows how to log data with timestamps to a TF card using the XIAO ESP32S3 Sense. As an example, we’ll log temperature readings from the Multichannel Gas Sensor every 10 minutes. The XIAO ESP32S3 will be in deep sleep mode between each reading, and it will request the date and time using Network Time Protocol (NTP).The first project we will use the microSD card, the main task of this program is to get the camera footage every minute and then save the footage to the microSD.XIAO's low-power microcontroller, wireless connectivity, and compact size make it an ideal choice for developing cost-efficient trackers.

Tech Support & Product Discussion

Thank you for choosing our products! We are here to provide you with different support to ensure that your experience with our products is as smooth as possible. We offer several communication channels to cater to different preferences and needs.

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